About Us

The Roebuck (known locally as ‘The Spite’) sits in the hamlet of Newall with Clifton on the border of the market town of Otley. A hostelry since George Spence became its first landlord in 1852, the building dates back to around 1783 but things haven’t always been this peaceful…

In 1853 neighbour and innkeeper Robert Yates applied for a licence for the ‘Travellers Inn’, creating a rivalry that lasted 21 years during which, ‘an incident’ occurred resulting in the Roebuck’s unofficial name ‘The Spite’.

Local chap William Parkinson was a regular at the Travellers Inn but one day called in at the Roebuck first, chatting for about an hour before moving on to The Travellers. Unfortunately Mrs Yates had seen him call at the Roebuck and refused to serve him, sending him packing back up there!
William returned to The Roebuck and during conversation remarked ‘there’s nowt but spite and malice up here’ resulting in both inns being known locally as Spite and Malice.

Fortunately calling off at the Travellers Inn first is no longer an option so we won’t be packing you off anywhere! Today we would rather you call in and enjoy our food, a good pint or glass of wine and a very warm welcome.

And although there have been many changes since George pulled his last pint here, the outstanding views across the Wharfe Valley remain just as impressive today!